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What will you do with your kids this summer?

Summer this year is set to be a tough one and social distancing guidelines are still in effect in many areas. Unfortunately, more time at home with little interaction with their peers is probably the last thing most kids want right now!

Avoid boredom with this online Virginia magic class.


Fortunately, we have the solution, and it’s the Ultimate Magic Academy’s online magic classes and camp. An experience where your child can expect to learn exciting magic tricks in a friendly and supportive online Zoom environment with other children.


Your child will also get a secret folder file posted to them before each lesson, jammed packed full of all the kid-friendly resources they need to perform the tricks. That’s not all, though, because they will also get access to an online magic vault with secret codes given out each day in class too!


Entertaining and educational


It’s not just all the fun of learning Magic that leads parents to enroll their kids in our classes, though. It’s also the fact that unlike other Magic education providers, we Teach Magic Online, in a way that is educational and develops your child’s social skills.


In fact, into each lesson, the 8 key traits that all magician’s need are interwoven. That is to be Respectful, Prepared, Confident, Humble, Enthusiastic, Authentic, Giving, and Creative. These characteristics just so happen to also be the foundation of success and confidence in your child’s life. (Both in school and in their extracurricular lives as well) Something that means by enrolling them on our course you will be setting them up for success in their future.


Also, magic is an interactive art, formed by a dynamic between the performer and the audience. Therefore you will be allowing your child to engage in a whole range of verbal and non-verbal communication practices as they perform. Something that can help them to focus on their own behavior and actions and improve these is the most constructive and positive way.


Is magic camp suitable for my child?


Whether your son is a budding Harry Potter or your daughter doesn’t know the first thing about magic, UltimateMagicAcademy is equipped to teach them the joy of performance. The supportive and safe environment that we provide online means that even shy kids and ones with little magic experience get the attention and encouragement they need to thrive.


Also, do not panic if your daughter or son has already had some magic experience from Youtube. The reason being that much of what we teach is unique to us. After all, our class instructors have been performing magic in schools, and places like The White House, and on Disney Cruise Lines for years so you can expect something pretty… magical!


Also, remember that here at the UltimateMagicAcademy, our main aim is to ensure your child has fun and is kept constructively entertained over the summer period. In fact, you can expect them to devote a lot of time to the practice of magic even outside of the online classes.


Therefore, if you are looking for an activity that will entertain, educate, and socialize your child this summer, contact us on 703-504-6993 [email protected] for a truly magical experience.