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Worried about how to entertain your kids this summer? Find out about our virtual magic summer camps!

Here at UltimateMagicAcademy.com, we run exciting and engaging virtual magic summer camps online. These online experiences can be the perfect alternative to traditional summer camps, especially during social distancing due to COVID -19.
By attending our fun and educational online magic camp this summer, your child will learn a whole host of tricks to impress their friends and family. These will include making things appear, reading people’s minds, and even making objects levitate!

Education, entertainment, and socialization in a social distanced manner

The secret ingredient of our online magic summer camp experience is that while kids are having fun, they are also getting the chance to socialize with their peers. An experience that happens online in a safe and supportive environment.

Not just daily lessons!

That’s not all either! Every single day campers will have the kid-friendly resources they need to perform the tricks supplied to them. All packaged up and delivered to your door in a top-secret envelope!
Each daily class is also a packed fill of physical challenges, fun games, and magic that will keep your kids enthralled and entertained for hours. Even once the class is over.

Learning, fun, and interaction

Why choose The Ultimate Magic Academy over other online virtual camps? Well, there are so many reasons, like the fact that our instructors have successfully been teaching magic to kids and in schools for years. Although the unique combination of learning, fun, and interaction with other campers makes our online camp truly magical.